Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Shetland knitting

I recently visited my sister who has just moved to Shetland. Amazing place with a long history of knitting. Wasn't going to be tempted by all the fantastic wool on sale of course as we are in the process of gutting our house and I am having to hide my stash from my long suffering partner. So I didn't really bring much back but what I did is fabulous to knit. I went for lace weight - but am going to get my sister to bring me some cobweb weight when she next comes down. I am really into knitting with this fine yarn. I don't think I'll ever get round to knitting the cobweb weight shawls which are so fine you can pull them through a wedding ring but am happy to have a go at scarves with it. I also bought some more sock wool - well you can't not buy it can you? So that's the knitting bit. The writing is coming on but just need to send some off to possible publishers. Have got a couple of short stories, some poems and three articles. The reason of course that they don't get into print is that they tend to stay on my computer rather than go anywhere else. So maybe I'll use this blog. Here's one for starters that I wrote very quickly as an exercise on a creative writing course with the Arvon Foundation. Something old, something new, Something borrowed, something blue. My love was old, old as the hills, old as the sky; My love was new, new as the dawn, new as the rain; My love was borrowed; Borrowed from the woman down the road whose bed he left to come to me; My love was blue; Blue as my heart when I shut the door behind him and picked up the post from the mat.

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